DMI Crisis Management and Response

About DMI

Disaster Management International (DMI) is a full-service crisis management and response organization ready to respond and stand with you and manage your crisis situation and guide you to speedy recovery. We complement your existing plans and operations and provide turnkey emergency management and response programs, beginning with strategic crisis management consultation and planning.

Our experienced professionals are disciplined in fire and rescue, law enforcement, crisis communications and interoperability, healthcare, hazardous materials & response, national security and intelligence. Our worldwide responses range from large scale international and domestic terrorism to industrial accidents, natural disasters, numerous commercial and private aircraft incidents and crises impacting education.

We are prepared and ready for any crisis situation. We have “been there” and are ready with the knowledge, skills, are resources to guide you to your important recovery.

Our Services

Crisis Communications

Without careful planning, catastrophic events overwhelm an organization and distort its image.

During and after a crisis, your organization must communicate immediately and effectively both internally and externally. We are with you to craft your message employees, their families, surrounding communities, your shareholders, stakeholders, customers, and government officials.

We strategically plan for each and every media release, post and interview, and provide you with the optimal statements to keep your public informed and your good name intact.

DMI has extensive experience in strategic communications planning — and execution — designed to deliver accurate information to affected parties and protect an organization’s good name. Our range of communications support includes:

  • On-scene Crisis Communications
  • Consultation
  • Media Analysis and Analytics
  • Response Training
  • Simulations/Exercises
  • Resiliency Planning

Family Assistance and Humanitarian Response

In a frantic struggle to preserve property, production and capital assets, your most important human capital — your workers and their families, may be isolated, ill-informed and traumatized. Our response teams offer the type of compassion that demonstrates you care for your people as they work through your crisis.

Following a crisis or disaster resulting in serious injuries or fatalities, families and friends need timely and accurate information, comprehensive services for emotional, physical, social and psychological support and a central location to provide essential information to forensic investigators. DMI Family Assistance Centers provide the location and Family Assistance Specialists to meet these needs with compassion and professionalism.

DMI family assistance includes:

  • Activating an incident related call center with crisis trained operators
  • Activating a Family Assistance Center or Family Information Center
  • Providing Family Assistance Specialists so each family has a specific point of contact
  • Providing crisis and disaster trained behavioral health specialists
  • Coordinating memorial services
  • Facilitating the creation of a commemorative monument and associated dedication services

Executive Consultation

When operations are impacted by a catastrophic event, local customs and protocols can preclude international agreements. DMI's professionals, associates, and partners have a wealth of experience dealing with local governments and entities throughout the world. Whether the need is to recover and return corporate documents and equipment, repatriate remains, or interact with consular or foreign service officials, DMI is with you every step of the way.